Mythen and Melchsee-Frutt

This post is about two snow hiking trips during weekend 16th to 17th March.

Saturday in Mythen area

I like the Mythen area, being there already three times. It is close to Zurich, suitable for easy hiking, but one can still enjoy proper mountains, depending on the conditions.

These views are less than 60 km from Zurich.

This time, I was curious, what are winter hikes in SwitzerlandMobility map. Hiking in the snow without snowshoes sound as a plan for visits. And the season was just ending, so last chance to try it officially. And at the same time, I wanted to go for a trip with friend Kamila, who is recovering from an accident, so cannot go for a more demanding hike.

Winter trails - solid snow and well-visible marking.

We were lucky with the weather, whole day sunny, warm and clear visibility.

Grosser Mythen is inaccessible in winter. The snow highlights the path in the steep rock.

We saw the shelter, where we planned to sleep with Vláďa. I was happy we gave up on that hike and slept at a much nicer place.

But the view right next to the shelter was awesome.

And the detail without me - view to the Luzern lake.

On the way down, we decided to leave the track instead of returning by the same path. That led us to a herd of chamois. I have never seen so many of them.

The area is a favorite paragliding site. My office-mate Tobias was considering going there, so I took a picture to ask, whether he is one of the wings, but I was not that lucky.

Sunday in Melchsee-Frutt

As a doctoral student, I am a member of the academic staff association VMI. They offer help to starting students and socializing events. And as Tobias is in the head of VMI, he offered me to organize winter snowshoeing hike.

We took a gondola from the valley to 2000 masl and got these conditions - enough snow, and warm and sunny weather.

I started planning the trip during the warm weeks of February, so I was afraid, how much snow will remain in the Alps a month later. Thus I wanted to get to a higher location, but it had to be flat enough for casual hikers. Melchsee-Frutt fulfilled both.

As you can see, the area is surprisingly flat.

Except me, all of our 11 members.

With me this time.

The weather was getting worse in the afternoon, but we finished before it started to snow seriously.

White everywhere.

Most difficult for others was walking steep slope down (30 degrees).

Written on March 17, 2019