Vlasta and Víťa in Zurich

From Feb 16 to 24, Vlasta and Víťa visited Zurich for cybersecurity training SANS. Fortunately, they had also some free time!

On Sunday, we went to Uetliberg, almost 900 m high hill almost in Zurich. It took me just half a year to visit the most prominent hiking area in Zurich.

View on the Zurichsee and mountains.

On Wednesday, I was invited for dinner, Víťa wanted to experience Fondue Chinoise. I horribly underestimated the price (66 CHF per person - whups), but the food and the process of dinning was an enjoyable experience.

On Saturday, we made the same trip as with Vláďa to Luzern and chocolate factory on the way.

There was just carnival in Luzern.

They covered the traditional paintings with these carnivals.

Spring is already here. It is nice in the city, but I still have plans for snowshoeing and ski touring.

Written on February 19, 2019