University statistics

There were two welcoming activities for doctoral students. The first was general for all ETH students, while the second was faculty specific. I want to share some interesting statistics, I learned there.

University statistics

  • 4300 doctorands (19 September 2018) out of 22 000 students.
  • 75% non-Swiss (while among Bachelors 75% are Swiss). 31% female candidates.
  • Average study time is 4.3 years, with success rate 85%.

Faculty statistics

  • 231 doctorands.
  • Only 20% female candidates.
  • Median study time is 4.5 years (institute average goes to five years), with success rate 91%.

Faculty talk

The faculty welcoming activity was how should DUVOD at FI@MU been. We had four speakers, one about an academic group, two finishing PhD students advice to newcomers and one by professor Marcus Püschel. All talks were interesting, but I highlight only the professor’s talk.

The talk was a mix of formal requirements, code of conduct (people here really care about ethically correct cooperation) and productivity tips, motivational thoughts, and knowledge base.

From the requirements, I would point out expectations about three publications (with preference on quality instead of quantity), and a necessity of teaching with a system of group teaching points.

I was surprised, how well the motivational part worked on me. Mainly the differences between studies and research: Perfection in studies is achieving the top grade. Research has no perfection, as you can always aim higher. I leave other details for those interested in the copy of the presentation. For those very interested, other presentations are in this folder.

“You have great hiking opportunities in Switzerland. I am not on the photo… I am taking the photo.” by Marcus Püschel.

Written on November 2, 2018