Trip with Tom and Juraj

Tom is leaving next week, so the last trip with him. He also invited Juraj - a friend from FI MU who now also works at Google.

This was the trip plan: there were three trip options - short just to Golzernsee, a longer and longest. We took the longest.

At 9, it was cloudy in Zurich, so we wondered how it will be for the hike. But on our way to the south, the clouds were thinner and thinner and finally, at the final destination, we saw mountain high above us through the cloud.

We are getting above the clouds by car. And I do not drive so I can take pictures :).

Starting almost above the clouds. And I liked the mist on the left, but it disappeared within a few minutes.

After climbing 600 meters up, we got out of a forest, and the sun warmed our hike a lot. It was hot for October, I felt overheating in a t-shirt.

So when we got to the lake Golzernsee, we eat our lunch, and I wanted to bath in the lake. It did not feel cold to my hand, but it felt colder when I step in.

After lunch, we continued and our route directed up again. Which gave us a beautiful view over the lake.

The track was surrounded by berries - blueberries and cranberries.

View on >3000 metres high mountains above us.

In that direction is a glacier, behind the rock. So at least you can see a nice waterfall.

Written on October 21, 2018