Demanding hiking weekend

During March, the weather in Switzerland went from winter directly to summer. That was my feeling from weekend 30-31st March.

Mysterious hike with Todor

There is a wide variety in hikes on Meetup. One guy is organizing serious hikes, with crazy prerequisites. I thought it will be a perfect fit for me. Did I survive?

Because we wanted to hike to serious altitude without being limited by snow, we went to Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

Ticino in one picture - palms, monastery and all signs of Christianity, and high Alps.

Todor, the serious hiker.

The causalities of the hike were:

  • Indian guy abandoned in the steep climb. Wearing jeans did not help him.
  • British girl with hurting knee and horrible blisters. Wearing high boots did not help her.
  • Czech guy with diarrhea close to vomiting - me :(. Running downhill did not help me.

In total, we walked around 30 km with an altitude gain around 2600 m. All my troubles started after running downwards (following others). Anyway, I am joining this group next time, this time I will not slow them down!

On the way home, I was showing guys (lunar) acro-yoga in a moving train, while it was going through the longest train tunnel in the world.

Relaxing Sunday

On Sunday I went for a shorter hike with Kamila to Amden, above Walensee. It is a ski resort area and quite a unique option, how to easily get to the ridge above the lake.

Snow from the beginning of the hike was a positive surprise, but we went on an official winter trail, so I was fine even with low hiking shoes.

From the pass, we had views to Alpstein and Glarus, all covered with snow.

Ridge over Walensee. It is monumental from both sides!

Skiers track all over this mountain :).

Vorder Goggeien - interesting rocks.


Lichtenstein and Austria in background of Alpstein.

Flora is waking up.

Avalanche protection above ski resort.

View over the lake. Lake fountains are popular in Switzerland.

There was a swimming opportunity after this hike. A chance to cool the muscles down :). The water temperature was 9 degrees, enough for not being the only swimmer.

Written on April 1, 2019