Life in Switzerland

This post is not about prices in Switzerland. Yes, it is expensive here, but there will be another post about it.

Nature of Swiss depends on the language in the area. From my experience, French-Swiss were aesthetic, ambiguous and enjoying their lives (with great taste). But Zurich is German-speaking canton so that I will share my point of view on Germans-Swiss.

They work hard, with 42.5 hours of working time per week are the longest working hours in Europe, and second to Japanese worldwide. And although the sunrise time here is 32 minutes later than in Brno, they get up early and at 7:00 when I get up, the cranes nearby are already operating.

There are rules for everything in Switzerland, and they strictly obey them (crazy from the Czech point of view). Buerocracy is topic for a different post, but let take examples from the housing rules. There is a law, forbidding to take a shower, pee in standing position, or flush after 22:00. No joking, the police may be called for one doing this. It is also forbidden to work on Sunday (especially loud tasks as lawn mowing). Luckily, this is not taken that seriously in Zurich. But it applies in the countryside and by more conservative citizens.

The source of useful tips and also those funny rules.

On the bright side, most Swiss also work on themselves. They do various sports for which they have great opportunities, love nature, and seem to live fit and healthy. During weekends, the city is empty; everyone goes to the mountains - hiking, biking, climbing, jogging, or at least for BBQ. Swiss love BBQ in the countryside, there are hundreds of BBQ spots in Zurich surroundings.

Such BBQ spots are everywhere, I have to try them sometime. Source: page that lists them.

There is one more quality I appreciate on people I communicate with. Kindness. They really care about me/you/anyone. People apologize to me when I come for help, and they are not satisfied with guidance, they provided me. I probably live in a bubble, but I love this bubble!

Written on September 21, 2018