MeetUp hike

I am still eager to meet some same-minded people for hiking. So I signed for a MeetUp trip.

In the morning, I managed to struggle with the first task - buying a whole day ticket for the east area of Switzerland. I knew the price (27.8 CHF), keyword Ostwind, but I did not know how to find it in the ticket machine. Luckily, I had enough time to spend 5 minutes with clicking and finally getting the ticket.

Nevetherless, I came to the meeting spot second. Eventually, a group of 21 hikers formed and left for the trip. A mountain train was also part of the ticket, so we started in altitude of 1250 m.

Our path in Linthal - close to Klaussen pass, less than 10 km from my yesterday hike.

We were again lucky with the weather, nice autumn colors, with view on 3000 m high mountains on the other side of the valley - covered with the snow.

I would like to be more successful in making new friends for hiking, but the attendants were older or already in groups, and I was not enough extrovert that day. At least I got some tips whom to contact on MeetUp and which groups should I join. But making Swiss friends is surprisingly tougher than in Norway.

We had this view for lunch. In the altitude of 1800 m, it was sometimes already a bit of snow. Throwing snowballs surprised others a bit :D.

The view to the south from the highest point of our trip. I have a two-day hike planned to this area.

Ortstock - 2716 masl.

The sun shone on the autumn leaves :).

Written on November 17, 2018