Leisure weekend

I spent the last weekend of September on shopping, cooking, studying/working (still did not get used to the change in the point of view) and visiting an earthquake simulator.

Every Saturday morning, there is a market in Oerlikon. The market was not as great as I experienced in France, but still a lot of goods available directly from the farmers, and of course cheese and sausages tasting. When I have free Saturday, I will go there again.

They were selling small kiwis, as my parents are growing :). For such price with a yield of ~10 kg, it would be a nice additional income.

ETH department of geography has open exhibition focusTerra, where advertises earthquake simulator. Everything on the page is in English, so we (with Tom) went there. Their marketing is great, they present earthquake simulator, but you have to attend 45 minutes lecture about earthquakes, in GERMAN! But as the presentation was mainly for children and in comprehensive Hoch Deutsch, I was able to understand/deduce most of the content. I also appreciated that the content was up to date (earthquakes of last three days, including Indonesia tsunami).

The simulator was fine, but nothing special. We sit on chairs, and the small room started shaking in one dimension by recorded earthquakes in the last 50 years. The strongest was 6.8 magnitude. Something like sitting in a tram/bus in the rush hour.

Written on October 8, 2018