Blog update for PhD at ETH Zurich

I spent last year trying to apply to several universities and top companies across Nordic countries and Switzerland. At the beginning of July, after four interviews, I was accepted for PhD at ETH Zurich by supervision of Professor David Basin at Information Security Group. The contract started by the 1st of September.

I spend half of the summer traveling, half by finishing as much work as possible at CRoCS FI MUNI, and I prepared a bit for my new job. So now I am at Zurich, temporarily hosted by Tomáš, I travel to school every day by bike and work on several projects to determine my PhD topic.

This blog serves as a media to inform YOU about my life in the new city. After experience from Erasmus (hosted on the same page), I had issue writing posts up to date (do not expect me ever finishing the rest up, maybe in retirement :D). I plan to write shorter posts more often. I have already ten topics, including this one, so I have some work to do.

I change the language to English, making it available to my Erasmus friends, my schoolmates and people I do not yet know. But you can join the discussion in any language.

Each post should have some image, so here is a picture I took on a short hike after my first interview visit.

Typical Switzerland

Written on September 19, 2018