Schoolmates visit

During July 26 to 31, I had a visitors Berta, Jára, Kuba, and Marles. We stayed for three night in Zurich and then we drove to Innsbruck for an additional three nights.

Pizol five lakes hike

On Friday, we decided on a hike of five lakes. Eventually, we have seen even more lakes, some hazy views, I had a chance to swim, and due to the time lost swimming, we were almost caught by a T-storm.

Map of the Pizol area.

The first lake. It did not seem deep enough for a good swim.


The second lake was deeper, worthy for a swim.

Colours of the third lake were more as in fairy tail, also colder water.

Third lake from above, with several tiny lakes around.

The fourth lake.

As you can see, the lakes are getting prettier as the color turned to turquoise. If you are waiting for the fifth lake, it was not so beautiful, and it would break this gradation, so I did not take a photo of it.

We were glad to do the hike in the more ascending direction (taking a gondola down). It was both better for our knees and views.

Zurich and Luzern

Zurich and Luzern sightseeing become a must for all visits, with an optional chocolate factory tour on the way.

Zurich from Grossmünster church.

Luzern bridge. A good hiding place for T-storm weather.

Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz is a small village close to Pizol, famous for its thermal springs. The spring is located in Tamina gorge.

Fascinating, how deep is the gorge. Also a convenient shelter for us in rainy weather.

Walking to the darkness.

Where is the fog coming from? Ah, it is steam, from the spring (36.5 °C)

In general, I appreciate we did hikes that were new for me. Hopefully, they were also the best given the weather.


In Innsbruck, we were staying in a cute Airbnb in a side valley. Our view allowed us to watch the sunset over Innsbruck and reach surrounding mountains easily. Unfortunately, the weather remained quite similar.

Views from Hundskopf. Due to this and the slippery path in quite exposed terrain, we have reached the top only two of us.

Rare moments of views from Hundskopf.

Travelling gnome, or Guardian of Hundskopf? Probably both

We wanted to do some via Ferrata.

And the weather changed to this just in the afternoon. View over Innsbruck from Bergisel.

Hike in Lizumbach valey.

This is not a ski resort. To our surprise, all this valley is a military training area.

This time, it was Kuba who went into this lake.

Cows, horses, meadows. This somehow reminded me of the Pyrenees.

Holy camera. We have lost Marles during our trip.

The last day, we went to Olympic ski resort around Widdersberg. We had great views and scary experience from steep gravel paths.

Is this also a military complex?

In the afternoon, I fare-well with my friends and hitchhikes to Zurich for another adventure. I needed two rides to get to Switzerland, both were cool people! And I have seen mountain passes on the way to Davos that we skipped due to bad weather.

Written on July 31, 2019