Finally, I found a room in a shared flat! My new address is (I like postcards :)):

Saatlenstrasse 32A
8051 Zürich

My flatmates are Yannick (Swiss), his girlfriend Kiara (Dominican), and Klara (Austrian). The girls are working, Yannick has to finish last year of studies in business and economics.

All flatmate are cool and easygoing, the flat is not a student party all the time, but they like to do a BBQ a few times per month. That sounds like a fit for me, so I hope I will cope with them well.

We have a garden, a huge living room and my bedroom is almost 20 square meters! I pay 1100 CHF/month everything included.

Yannick takes care of the garden. He grows herbs, berries, tomatos, etc. It reminds me bit of my parents garden, maybe I will join a bit :).

Search process

It took 6 weeks to find this flat. Every week, I went through 3 FB groups, and 4 websites (WG zimmer, ETH Wohnen, Students flat, Flatfox). On Monday, I respond to 10 - 20 ads (in the beginning, up to 30, last weeks just 5-10). No matter how many ads I responded, I have always got around 5 responses :D. And I visited 3-4 of those flats. Except 2, I liked them, but I was not chosen. For each flat, there were at least 10 students interested, and I understand why people prefer girls.

I have visited a large variety of shared flats. In center for 1250 CHF (my limit), down to 600 CHF for a small room more distant. Most apartments were furnished, but I ended up in an unfurnished room. So I reduced the problem of searching for a flat to a problem of searching for a bed.

I will post the picture later, it is dark now…

Written on October 14, 2018