Cross-country in Flumserberg

Last Sunday (January 20) I went with Honza cross-country skiing in Flumserberg area.

Honza is a PhD student of physics, who also started last summer, so we met at PhD welcoming event. He wanted to go cross-country skiing but knew only classic style. I was interested, but I wanted to go to real mountains (cross country tracks are usually in valleys here). So is the Flumserberg area, the plan had just a single pitfall, the trail there is only for skating style with an ascent of 500 m.

Anyway, we decided to try it. Note to self: do not borrow skis in Swiss mountains, the price for skating skis, shoes and poles was 42 CHF.

Views in the Walensee area. Appenzell Alps with highest mountain Gamsberg.

I was a great teacher of skating technique. I fell just after 2 meters after putting the skis on!

Such a great conditions!

The purpose of taking this picture was taking a break, as I was exhausted from skating.

The views were worthy!

Views from the highest point of our trail, other mountains still significantly above us.

Surprisingly, we managed the way back without troubles, although part of it was a red piste. It was definitely fun!

PS: I have a new camera, so you can expect better pictures. Maybe it is not obvious in this post, as the weather was not too photo-friendly. But it will get better ;).

Written on January 20, 2019