Alpstein with Tobi, Steffen, and Angelique

Finally a multi-day hike. The weather in fall is fantastic, northern mountains are still snow-free even above 2000 masl. So we used the opportunity to go to an extremely touristy area - Alpstein.

This is my first vegan cake (soy flour and soy milk instead of eggs and milk). And surprisingly it tasted the same as with eggs and milk.

Our trail.

We have got, what we expected - sunny weather, few other hikers, steep ascent “Where is the trail going - how can we get over that rock?” But everything in a very civilized countryside - tracks and huts everywhere.

We were afraid about the duration of ascent. So we set a fast pace and actually hiked almost entire Saturday part before the lunch. We left the lowlands in a morning inversion.

Our group (missing Tobi and crows shitting on us) and Säntis - highest mountain of Alpstein.

Ridge path after lunch.

Camping in 2350 masl just below Säntis.

With such view: mountains, mountains everywhere.

So we had a lot of time to take funny unpublishable pictures in the scenery of quiet Alps. Until a couple came and made a tent just next to us.

It was slightly freezing during the night but without strong wind. Anyway, I was glad to take my both sleeping bags.

A short snowing for the sunrise.

I try to pee directly to Bodensee.

Ridge on the way up to Säntis.

And the most exposed icy part from Säntis.


Säntis was visible from everywhere.

Clouds by the north side of ridge created such halo.

Written on November 19, 2018